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Kumble-Kohli rift or smoke without fire?

Anil Kumble

The rift that nobody can confirm has made speculation rife

When did you stop beating your wife?

More children died in Iraq because of US bombings than Hiroshima, was it worth it?

Should a slap delivered to a naughty child as part of responsible parenting be considered violent behaviour?

These are only obvious examples of the concept of a loaded question, one which cannot be answered in any satisfactory manner without the respondent either implicating himself or sounding positively evasive.


Curator Lyon turns Bangalore pitch to home advantage

Pressure, pressure, pressure. Nathan Lyon tightened the screws and India's batsmen had nowhere to hide.


Pitch obsession leaves Kumble in a spin

If you watched Indian cricket in the late 1990s or the 2000s you will be familiar with this scene. The batsman has been drawn forward by the legspinner, beaten in the air or off the pitch and just as the bowler begins to celebrate he sees that the wicketkeeper was also beaten and the ball has run away for four byes. Anil Kumble would do his best to hide his true feelings at such moments, but the disappointment of the prey eluding a carefully laid trap would shine through. No cussing, no yelling, but that piercing look down the length of 22 yards left no-one in any doubt about what happened.


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