There's no better banter than India v Pakistan in the UAE

There’s no better banter than India v Pakistan in the UAE

The past week has been a bit of a blur with so much action in the Asia Cup that it has been difficult to keep up with posting here. But, fear not, here are a few things you might have missed out on:

What’s it like to watch an India-Pakistan match in the stands with an Indian-Pakistani couple?

Seated in front of your correspondent were three Pakistanis and one Indian, all clearly friends two possibly a couple. The banter began right then. “I told you before we came here. Bat first, make 270 and the game is ours.”

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Switched-on India Show Intent to Outplay Pakistan

Pakistan chose to bat. They slip-slid their way to 162. India knocked off the runs in 29 overs with eight wickets to spare. Perfect game for India? Well, yes and no.

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Is the Asia Cup more about getting India and Pakistan to play each other?

If a Trojan Horse is packed with gifts that keep giving rather than warriors intent on killing, is it still a Trojan Horse? If a sheep is in wolf’s clothing, does it continue to be a threat?

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Seeking Middle-Order Solutions, India Find Bowling Answers in Dubai

India came to the United Arab Emirates looking to crack the question of just what their best middle-order was in 50-over cricket. Instead, they have discovered that they have a bowling attack that is next to perfect for these conditions.

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ICC working on stricter criteria to grant official status to T20 leagues

The International Cricket Council (ICC) has undertaken a review of the guidelines under which it declares cricket approved or disapproved in the wake of the proliferation of Twenty20 and similar leagues around the world.

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